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BRITISH, B. 1950


In sculptures, installations, and public artworks, Antony Gormley considers the relationship between time, space, and the human body. Starting with the outline of a body—often his own—Gormley builds sculptures, mostly from iron and steel. He transforms the recognizable silhouettes into abstracted tangles and architectural forms, expanding the limits of his medium in the process. In the 1970s, Gormley studied Buddhist meditation and philosophy in India, nearly becoming a monk before he committed to a career as an artist. He has exhibited in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Brussels, and Singapore, and has mounted public sculptures throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. In 1994, Gormley was awarded the Turner Prize, and in 2003, he was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Arts. In addition to his sculptures, he has produced a number of line drawings and prints. His work has sold for seven figures at auction.

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